Solo + Ensemble

Here is the information letter containing all the details for Saturday's festival! Scroll down to view the schedule and Frequently Asked Questions.

Solo and Ensemble Letter 2022

Performance Schedule (listed by class)

Don't see your solo? Don't worry--you still have a performance time scheduled! However, you did not complete the event registration form. Please fill it out now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Solo & Ensemble Festival? The festival will take place at Hudson Bend Middle School! Each performance is assigned a particular room on campus, which you can check in the warm-up area (cafeteria) on Saturday morning.

What should I wear? Nice school clothes. You don't have to bust out your tuxedo or ball gown, but do dress in "nicer" school clothes! You want to make a good first impression on the judge. Think school picture day.

What do I need to bring? Make sure you have your instrument, binder, tuner, an extra copy of your music for the judge, mouthpiece, valve oil, reeds, etc. We wil place tubas, euphoniums, and French horns (school instruments) on the stage so they are available on Saturday morning. Remember, you will not have access to the band hall on Saturday!

Can parents watch the performances? We do allow parents to be present in the performance room, but only with the performers' permission! It is also ok to drop off and pick up your musician.

What time is my performance? See the pdf schedules posted above. If your name is not on the list, you forgot to complete your registration form! Complete the form and email Mr. O ASAP!

What time should I arrive? Arrive 20-30 minutes before your performance so you have time to find your room, warm-up, and tune.

Which door should I come in? Enter through the FRONT DOORS ONLY. DO NOT TRY TO ENTER THROUGH THE BAND HALL BACK DOOR! There will be performances in the band room all day, and if you try to open that door or knock, you will distrub the performers! Make sure that you bring home all your materials (instrument, binder, mouthpiece, etc.) because you will not have access to the band room or your back locker on Saturday.

When can I go home? Your performance, plus the judge's comments to you, will take approximately 5-7 minutes. If your room is on time, you can go home 10-15 minutes after your performance slot. (If your room gets a little behind schedule, it may take a bit longer)

How and when will I get my rating? We will post scores (I-IV) online and will provide you with a link at the festival.